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Wealth Management, Compliance & Broker Dealer Expertise

We specialize in these verticals and sub-specialty areas include Domestic & Latin America client bases, NRA Money, B/D & Bank Compliance/KYC/AML, Foreign Bank staff augmentation & T12 Team lift-outs. We can't help everyone but regularly refer candidates to best-of-breed colleagues throughout the world.


How are you different? The first client & candidate question...always.

Much like the 3 R's of Real Estate are location, location, location...our version of the "3 R's" are:

  1. Completed Mandates
  2. Completed Mandates
  3. Completed Mandates

The process is objective but not mechanical. Each book of business & candidate is different for a myriad of reasons and we quickly identify the outlying values We let you know which clients will see them as assets or liabilities. Completing mandates is the only way to keep client relationships symbiotic and referrals from candidates consistent. We do both.

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Miami, FL USA 07.14.2014
Miami, Houston, LA &NYC

Private Bank seeking Bankers & Portfolio Manager with >6 years of experience. The ideal candidate will be committed to working with a significant number of client accounts while improving investment performance & generating new, organic business.

Candidate must be able to articulate why existing clients would consider a move to a new firm and plan to migrate AUM in an orderly, timely fashion.

Candidates do not necessarily need to be licensed.

-Fluency in Spanish required or Portuguese.

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