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Q. What completed mandates have you done in the past 6 months?

A. Email

Q. My numbers are low because of X, Y, Z reasons...can you help me?

A. What's your TIB? Why do you think they are low? What your version of Low is may be a client's sweet-pot.

Q. How long does the process take?

A. If you are a T12 producer >$1MM with a vanilla book of domestic, fee based business then it could be 6 weeks in a perfect scenario.

Q. Who pays you??

A. The client = bank, broker/dealer, wirehouse...never the candidate.

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Miami, FL USA 07.14.2014
Miami, Houston, LA &NYC

Private Bank seeking Bankers & Portfolio Manager with >6 years of experience. The ideal candidate will be committed to working with a significant number of client accounts while improving investment performance & generating new, organic business.

Candidate must be able to articulate why existing clients would consider a move to a new firm and plan to migrate AUM in an orderly, timely fashion.

Candidates do not necessarily need to be licensed.

-Fluency in Spanish required or Portuguese.

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